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From player contracts to sponsorship agreements, Panache Sports helps manage your legal documents and processes.

Standardised Templates

Templated documents that you can use with confidence without the need to draft your own.

Risk Management

Get deals done quickly using automated tools without mistakes and expensive advice.


Impartial contract/agreement healthchecks for players or organisations. Don't get caught out by missing important details.


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Contract health checks

Need to make sure the contract you're signing, or providing to your players, satisfies all the UK Government requirements? We can perform a full health check on the contract and provide advice on what to do if anything is missing.

Simply sign-up for a contract health check using one of the options below and we'll get straight back to you at the email provided with information on the details we need from you.

What's covered:
1. Assessment of whether the contract satisfies the UK Government's requirement to provide a written statement;
2. 24 point contract check;
3. Recommendations to ensure compliance with UK law.

Choose between our contract health checks for an individual (player) or an organisation (club).

If you need more information use the contact us form below.


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For Organisations
  • Manage your teams/clubs
  • Template forms and player agreements
  • Get started for free
  • Available worldwide
For Athletes
  • Get advice on your contracts/agreements
  • Manage and store your documents
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